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Why DigiTelWebs?

DigiTelWebs provides state of the art VoIP PBX phone solutions with products tailored to small, medium, and large businesses. Our engineering team will asses your communication requirements and provide you with the best designed solution for your business needs.

DigiTelWebs will be there for you during the whole process. From the initial quote all the way through installation and support. DigiTelWebs is committed to you!

Digium’s Switchvox SMB IP PBX

The Digium Switchvox SMB powered by the Asterix IP Telephony engine is an award winning PBX switch line that gives you a rich host of features from interactive voice mail and video calling to linking up your iPhone and BlackBerry.

What can DigiTelWebs IP PBX system do for you?

Short list of features:

Use industry standard VoIP telephones available from Digium, Polycom, Snom, Cisco, or traditional analog telephones

PBX is economically sized for a few telephone extensions and up to 400 extensions

Create remote extensions for staff that are located at a remote office or mobile

Toll free calling to all remote extensions anywhere in the world (internet required).

Easily manage all your calls

Powerful interactive auto attendant

View caller profile information with photo, extension, title and location when co-workers call

Use Switchvox’s built in chat server to quickly connect and chat with co-workers.

Allow each user to create custom phonebooks with custom grouping.

See detailed up-to-the-second data on your call queue.

Integrates with Google Maps to show where the caller is located.

Crystal clear call quality with HD voice.

High reliability software finds redundant call routes of the primary is down.

Digital faxes allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer.

Record calls and save them for easy retrieval

Listen in on calls,with the ability to jump into the conversation if required.

Know whether or not a co-worker is available before transferring a caller.

Simple and powerful
conferencing option.

Switchvox mobile allows you to use the power of Switchvox on your iPhone , Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

See your caller using video phones and video conferencing equipment

Much more! Call us for complete listing.

Grandstream GXV3175

Download Documentation

Digium’s Switchvox Feature Page (PDF)
Digium’s HD Voice IP Phones (PDF)
Siemen’s Gigaset A580 IP Phone – datasheet (PDF)



Digium’s Switchvox SMB PBX models

Digium D40 Angle

Digium D40 Entry-level
HD Voice IP Phone

Digium D70 Executive Level
HD Voice IP Phone


Siemen’s Gigaset A580 Cordless
Dual Analog/IP Phone


Video Telephones and
Video Conferencing