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Residential Services

DigiTelWebs prides itself in using the latest wireless and fiber optic technologies to deliver high speed Internet, up to 1000 Mbps, to communities in South Western Ontario. With our affordable residential monthly service starting at just $39.99/month and VoIP phone services starting at just $15/month, DigiTelWebs is the perfect option for the modern family to stay connected for less.

Each Subscription Includes:
-Wireless & Fiber Technology
-No Charge Site Survey
-Professional Installation
-No Term Contract
-No Usage Cap, No Data Limit
-Industry Leading Tech Support
-Speed Flexibility, Instantly Increase Your Speed to Fit Your Needs

Free Features Include:
-Free Installation
-Free WiFi Router Rental

-Free Adult Content and Malicious Website Blocking
-Free Home Network Security and Guest WiFi Setup
-Free Email Service Using Your Favourite Email APP or Website Browser